Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea Cup Pincushion

Mother's day is quickly approaching, and there are gifts to be made, flowers to be sent and cards to be crafted in the Carman house. Today I am going to share another handmade gift, perfect for a sewing Momma. This is a super cute gift that is very budget and time friendly, from start to finish it took me a little over five minutes to finish this adorable gift. To make this gift you need a teacup and saucer, I got mine for $1.00 from my local thrift store. You will also need fabric, steel wool, some batting, a rubber band, and a hot glue gun.
I began by cutting my fabric into a decent sized square and hot gluing the steel wool onto the fabric. I used steel wool because it will actually sharpen your pins and needles!
Then I added the batting and hot glued it to my steel wool. I only added it to get it to sit in the teacup the way I wanted.
Next, I gathered the fabric tightly and rubber banded it. It is important to make sure you are satisfied with how the fabric lays, and the way the pincushion fits into the teacup.
Now, all that's left is some simple hot gluing! You want to coat the inside of the teacup with hot glue, and then insert the pincushion. I then hot glued my teacup to the saucer, this can be done or skipped.
There you go! A simple sweet handmade gift that any mother or grandmother would love and cherish!

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