Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Time and The Living's Busy

Summer is upon us and it has been for awhile. Shortly after school got out we went "home" to Houston for a couple of weeks and got to visit with family and friends. I really enjoyed our visit, but it also made me realize just how close we are to moving. I'm already starting to freak out a little bit about moving, the idea itself is so overwhelming to me. We flew home from Houston on our anniversary, then rushed over to church for band practice, I think we finally made it home around 10.
After that we got to play house for a couple weeks. Kyla got to stay with us while Megan finished up teaching and packing up her classroom. We had SO much fun with her, it was amazing getting to know her and to bond with her. She adores Joel, and would anxiously wait for him to come home for lunch everyday. She just left and went home on Wednesday, and our apartment is quiet again.
Joel and me have both finished our first round of summer school with A's all around  : ] But are already back in classes and pushing on! Now that Kyla's gone we are planning on rearranging the living room completely and the dinning area. I rearranged the bedroom shortly before we left for Houston and LOVE it!! I know that we only have a short time left in Virginia but I really want us to enjoy it and get the most out of our apartment. Joel is getting more room for his desk and I am getting a.....
CRAFT CORNER!!! I could not be more thrilled to have a spot for all of my craft stuff!
I have a few projects that I'm going to be working on this week!