Thursday, November 3, 2011

And So It Begins

 As I have mentioned before Joel and I are preparing to move to Houston after graduation in May. The closer that we get the more anxious I become...I can only imagine how crazy it's going to be the closer it gets! Anyway, I decided to go ahead and start putting pieces together for our new home. I have come to the conclusion that the sooner we set up shop in Texas, the sooner it will feel like home to me. I decided that I would start with our new master bedroom. We picked out our bedding :] and have planned our accent colors around it! Here are just a few of the items that will help make our new space a home.
  It all started with a coupon I received in my email for a free poster sized print. I decided to use the coupon for a wedding picture. I had a hard time picking one, but that's just because they were all so good! haha ok moving along! Once I picked up the poster print I was anxious to get a frame. So when my mother called me reminding me that I needed to renew my Sam's club membership, I got Joel and we went and renewed. We were also ridiculously close to Michael's, so we stopped in and took a look at all they had to offer. After much deliberation we decided on some frames. We got two because they were bogo. One is ours and the other will be given to a very special lady in our life ;] Anyways, I got so excited that I didn't take a before picture so a stock image will have to do!
A few days later, we stopped by Home Depot to finalize the shades of our accent colors, so that the pops of color could begin! We decided on purple and teal, below are the beginning  of our transformations.

This is the finished product, I am in love!! I am debating about glazing it to make the details pop. But am a little hesitant since I've never used glaze before. I am thrilled with the difference that a couple coats of paint did! I am adoring this pop of teal.
Here is a close up of the details on the frame!

I also scored some awesome candle-holders thrifting a few weeks ago. At first I was thinking of putting them in the living room, because they would pull the navy tones in our rug out. I decided to change and prep them for our move.
This is what the state that I found them in. Someone had spray-painted them. Once I decided that they would have a special place in our new home I knew that they would need a fresh coat of paint! Since they were so dark I decided to spray-paint them white, so it would even out.
After waiting for the spray-paint to dry, the real fun could begin!!
    Here they are with their fresh coat of awesomeness!  I am still going to give them a second coat, but I wanted to share! Yes, teal and purple are our accent colors!  And now that the colors have been decided the popping will commence!!
   Since I got the poster print and the frame for free, the cost of my first transformation was $2.49 for paint. My second transformation was a little more, I paid $3.00 for the smaller candle-holder, and $5.00 for the larger one, I also paid $2.49 for the purple paint. The beginning pieces of our new home....maybe moving won't be so bad! Is there anything drab that you want to turn into a pop of color? Feel free to share!