Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time Flies

I hate to admit that I have spent the past two weeks working on just about everything except for my blog. I have found myself ridiculously busy in this new year, and unable to keep up with all of the changes that life is bringing.I thought that I would at least show a few highlights of what has been happening in the Carman household. On January 8 we celebrated my Husbands birthday, I am constantly amazed that it has been 5 years since we started celebrating birthdays together. It's the little things that make growing old...older so much more special. We celebrated all weekend long. We started our celebratory weekend with a special night out, just the two of us! We went to town center and enjoyed some wonderful food and quality time! After we finished our delicious dinner we rented a blu-ray and spent the rest of our evening snuggling and enjoying the wonders of blu-ray. On Saturday we had a show, at the venue that we started, two of our favorite bands played. And on Sunday we spent the morning at church and had lunch with my parents and grandparents. Then we ventured back to church for Mosaic and ended the night with dinner with friends at Bdubs. I really enjoyed getting to spend such a wonderful weekend with my husband.
Since I last blogged we have hosted 6 shows at our venue which naturally makes us incredibly busy. We and by we I mean me and our friend Matt also spent several days painting the room that we have shows in. This room has always bothered me, I have always felt like a Mexican restaurant threw up in there. And for the entire time we've been involved at our campus ministry I have BEGGED to paint it.
We spent several days giving this huge room two coats of primer AND two coats of paint! We still need to bring in some accessories and pick fabric for new drapes but I could not be happier with how it turned out.
The light gray is the wall that the stage is on, the dark gray is the color of the rest of the walls and the blue is the alcove/back door. Now, that some of the craziness of a new semester is over I am hoping to be blogging more by Monday :] I hope that this year has brought you new memories and projects!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tinting Mason Jars

I pinned this craft sometime over the holidays and finally got to try it out. The tutorial that I followed can be found here at I followed the steps, the only unclear things were the temperature that the oven needed to be on. I put my oven on 300, but if your oven has a warm setting, I would suggest that!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Peaks, Pits, Praises, & Prayers

I am a firm believer that marriage takes three, you, your spouse, and God. I knew that with the craziness that being SENIORS in college, launching 2 new ministries, and me making the decision to go back to work, that we would be finding ourselves busy this year. With the craziness of schedules it can sometimes be challenging for me to take time to truly pray for my husband the way that I want to. One of our resolutions for this wonderful new year was to spend time praying for one another and to keep a journal of our daily peaks, pits, praises and prayers. I have kept a journal like this off and on since I was a teenager, and it has been such a blessing to me to be able to look back and realize God's faithfulness in its entirety. We decided to do journals and write our prayers for each other daily, I am beyond excited to be doing this with my very best friend and soul mate.
Today I am going to show you how to make some wonderful journals for yourself or anyone else in your life! But before we get crafting here is a general idea of what we will share in our journals daily.Peaks of the Day: The highlights. The good moments. Something overall positive that happened during the day, big or small :] 2. Pit of the Day: The low point of the day. But, rather than just complaining about it, a way that looking back at it can be positive or a blessing in disguise. 3. Praise: Simply praising God for specific things that happened or even for His awesome love.
4. Prayers: Prayer requests that may have arisen from the new day or that have been lingering.
Then we will spend time writing down our prayers for one another :]

Supplies Needed:
*Any type of notebook, we used composition ones.
*Scrapbook paper & scissors to cut the paper,
*Letters, I cut mine out with my Quickutz.
*Modpodge, to adhere your paper, and a foam brush.

I began by tracing my notebook on the scrapbook paper and cutting it accordingly. Then I coated the front of the notebook with a thin layer of modpodge and carefully placed the paper over it. I let each side sit for a few minutes before flipping it over and repeating this process. Then I added our letters and my punch out, I used my xyron for the letters, and regular double-sided tape for my punch out. You can use whatever you have on hand or whatever works best for you. On my book I added some purple ribbon, feel free to decorate your however you wish!Here is a quick glimpse of how ours turned out!

And one last picture of them together :]

I hope that this year brings you countless blessings!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!
As we welcome in 2012 I am filled with excitement, and a little bit of sadness that 2011 has come to a close. 2011 was such a wonderful year for me, I got to celebrate the first of many wedding anniversaries with my wonderful husband. I was blessed with the experience of being a stay at home wife. I'm not saying that 2011 was all rainbows and butterfly's, I will admit that I did more than my fair share of wrestling with God, I had my hard days, but the I would not change it for one minute.
2012 holds so many new things for me and my husband, I have a feeling that our small family of two is in for an amazing year, even if things are not panning out the way we planned. I have decided that I want to become a very active blogger this year, and that I want to blog about all facets of my life as a new wife, student, and twentsomething. I began my blog as a way to track my domestic progression and keep up with friends and family from far away :] I am really excited to attempt to be a better blogger. Here's to a new year, and new beginnings!

Happy New Year!