Monday, July 18, 2011

Perfect TV Stand

We have been rearranging anything and everything that moves in our apartment. It all started when I rearranged the bedroom one day by myself while Mr.Carman was in class. Sometimes when I get an idea I just have to do it immediately.
We got rid of our huge dinning room table, and purchased a new small high top table. I also had the brilliant idea to make a mini pantry under our bar area, since we only use it to put food on at meal time.

I have about five projects going on right now, and am hoping to have them all finished and blogged by the end of the week.
When we rearranged the living room, I decided that I really wanted to dress up the living room more. Now with the addition of my craft corner and Mr.Carman's desk area, I had to sacrifice some design for functionality. That's just part of the joys of living in a one bedroom apartment where there is only shared space. Anyway, the spruce up began with some new valances.

I snagged these for only $2.50 a piece. I was beyond excited when I found them. I love them so much! I got new treatments for both windows for only $5.00! I knew that Mr.Carman would have something to say, since these are the fourth set of window treatments that we have had in the living room, one set wound up in the bedroom, one is packed away for when we move, and the set we had before our new valances got donated to goodwill. To my surprise Mr.Carman, didn't joke me about changing the curtains yet again, he told me that I did a good job and was proud to have such a thrifty wife!
The living room is also home to my beautiful new tv stand that we got at Christmas.
Now, I love this tv stand, I mean I did pick it out. But, I really wanted to add even more charm to the living room since we were adding so much function with our new spaces. I had some extra red vinyl in craft stash and decided that the doors needed some color.  So I got my wonderful cricut out and began the search for the perfect design. I borrowed the cartridge paper lace from one of my scrapping buddies and fell in love. It was so hard to choose, but I finally decided on one.
This was an easy project. I began...well we began by taking the doors off the tv stand. Mr.Carman took both doors off, here is a quick before shot.

Then we had to adhere the vinyl. Mr.Carman thought we should apply it on the front of the door, but I convinced him to put it on the back. By putting the vinyl on the back of the doors I can still clean them off with ease. The first door we just placed down and smoothed the vinyl out with a squeegee, the second one we used transfer paper on. Sometimes I use transfer paper and sometimes I don't it all depends on the design and the surface that I'm adhering to. For this design I would advise the use of transfer paper, it's a vinyl addicts best friend :]
Mr.Carman using the squeegee to flatten the vinyl out.

Then we put the doors back on the tv stand. Simple I know, but I love the touch of red that it added to doors.
AHHHHH so cute, I decided not to do an all over pattern on the door, I was thinking I might add a C, but still haven't case you didn't know I can be kind of indecisive. 
Finished product. Please ignore the randomness on the tv stand. I now think that my tv stand is perfection. I love how it turned out. Later today Mr.Carman is going to help me hang some new swag above the tv stand. Stay tuned, more swag to come!

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Danielle said...

so neat I love the design!