Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over the TV Stand Swag

 I have been anxiously waiting for Joel to have the time to help me spruce up the wall behind our tv stand. At first I wanted to put floating shelves above the tv, I even bought them. But when we had trouble hanging my plate art in the kitchen, Joel told me to go back to the drawing board and save the floating shelves for Texas. This is the only before picture that I have, it was taken during the craziness of Christmas, so excuse everything.
 Essentially, it was just a big boring wall of beige. When Joel sent me back to the drawing board, I was stumped. I thought about doing vinyl, but decided that I wanted something more. In January I had made a set of three framed scrapbook pages for some of my sister's besties.
 So I thought about making some for me and Joel. Usually you can only find frames that are black and metal, I had been looking for some wooden ones, but the cheapest ones that I found were $42 bucks a pop! Way too much for me and my ever conscious budget. Then one day when I was in Michael's looking for some crimson paper I saw premade scrapbooking pages that came with wooden frames for only $20 bucks. Recollection's made them, and I only saw them in white, so I wasn't too excited and left the store without them. I went back about a week later to snag some extra metal scrapbook frames since they were on sale for $5 bucks, and I often give them as gifts. Well when I walked in I saw that the Recollection's frames where on sale for only $10 bucks,I also saw that they had received some dark wooden frames. I was beyond excited! I quickly put the last 3 dark stained frames that they had in my cart and continued my shopping spree. When I got home I realized that they did not have glass in between the frame and the page, I was disappointed. But I fixed the problem, I took the glass from the 3 metal frames I was planning on using. I was so pleased with the final product!
A shot of all three

A close up of one.

 I was so excited and loved how they turned out. The dark wood frame really complemented the pages that I had made. The pages purpose was to pull the soft green tones out of my rug, and it worked.
 I found a stash of Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards, a week and half ago. So I set off with Brittany to look for things that I could use around the apartment. I found a set of sconces on clearance for $10 bucks, but got them for $7 bucks and some change with a coupon! The store was sold out, but ordered two sets for me {yes, I bought an extra set for when we move...I know I'm crazy!} and they shipped them for free to my apartment! I was stalking the mail waiting for them, and they finally came on Friday! They came with a votive, but no hardware. So we waited until Sunday, in between services to go to the hardware store.  We went to Lowe's and they were wonderful with helping me find the perfect hardware, for our difficult walls.
  I am proud to say that the boring beige wall behind our now perfect tv stand is gone. It has been replaced with this adorable wall :]
I'm in LOVE

                 Here is a quick shot of the tv stand, and the wall :]
 I have some plans for the lampshade in this picture, and for it's matching partner that resides by the couch. But that's another project that's waiting on my to do list. You can also see my stash of vases that I shared with you here. I hope you guys like it! I'm still not sure if I want to add some vinyl under the frames and sconces, but right now I think I'm just going to wait and enjoy all of my new swag.


Danielle said...

so pretty I love it!

Danielle said...

Just went through your whole blog and I am such a fan and of course a new follower:>