Saturday, July 2, 2011


    There's something about the sweetness that lingers in the summer air that leaves me with the desire for freshness. I decided to take advantage of the break in between summer classes that Joel has. The past week has been filled with sweet moments of enjoying each other, and enjoying being on the same schedule. I also decided that since he was home it was the perfect time to finish some old projects, respray my vases, and embark on a few new projects for our home. Joel thought that respraying the vases, would give me the opportunity to further explain my vase project.
   The vase project began when I needed a way to pull out the deep navy blue tones in our living room rug. I needed something that would add to the room, and not be overwhelming. I decided to look into purchasing some different blue vases, upon seeing the enormous price tag attached to them I knew that purchasing them was simply not an option. So I slept on it, and decided to go thrift storing for vases, and see what I could do with some spray paint and some vases. I decided that my investment would be low, so if I didn't like it, it wasn't a big deal. Now I did my vases long before I ever started my blog, or started reading them so I have no before pictures, sorry!
My collection with a fresh coat of paint.

I like the different textures, it really makes a difference when you put it all together .

Some of my favorite textured vases.

Non textured vases add interest with their shapes.

A textured and non textured vase, so you can get a good comparison.

You want to get vases with varying heights and depth as well.   

  When you go looking for vases, keep the color you want them to be in mind. It is easier to go darker for a vase, than to go lighter. However, if you find a dark green vases you adore but want it lighter don't worry. You should just apply a white base coat before you desired  color. Good luck, and happy hunting!
  I'm hoping to have a new post with some updates that we've done today and will be doing over this wonderful long weekend!

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Danielle said...

What an awesome idea. Isn't it amazing how you can practically paint everything. I love it!