Monday, February 6, 2012

At last my love has come along...

Ok so I know that my love has been apart of me for the past five years...the love that I am referring to is my new end tables. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been stalking craigslist, thrift stores, and even peoples homes for hexagonal end tables. You know the kind that were a household decorating staple in the 1970's? I have even had end table jealously, my wonderful Mother in Law, and my Nana have a matching set. I have even recruited dozens of people to aid in my search, but alas my years of searching is over. I have finally found a matching set!!! I was scouring craigslist this week and came across a posting that was a few weeks old for the end tables that I have been looking for. The posting was only asking for $5 for one and $10 for the set. Even though the posting was old I said a quick prayer and sent out an email inquiring if they were still available. I spent the next several days obsessively checking my email. Then last night right before bed I check my email one last time and saw a miracle! The seller replied that they were indeed still available and that for the astronomical price of ten dollars they were mine! So today during my husband's only break from class he came home and went with me to pick them up! I am just going to take a minute to brag on just how amazing he is. The man has class from 10am-10pm and he used his break to go get my end tables, because he knew they were so important to me, I am a blessed woman! So without further ado let me introduce you to my loves! Please excuse the pictures, I only had time to snap a few quick shots on my cell phone since Joel had to get back to school!
They are so worth the wait! I cannot wait to get to work on them,in fact I'm headed out to get paint now! The next time you see them they will be even more wonderful!

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