Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!
As we welcome in 2012 I am filled with excitement, and a little bit of sadness that 2011 has come to a close. 2011 was such a wonderful year for me, I got to celebrate the first of many wedding anniversaries with my wonderful husband. I was blessed with the experience of being a stay at home wife. I'm not saying that 2011 was all rainbows and butterfly's, I will admit that I did more than my fair share of wrestling with God, I had my hard days, but the I would not change it for one minute.
2012 holds so many new things for me and my husband, I have a feeling that our small family of two is in for an amazing year, even if things are not panning out the way we planned. I have decided that I want to become a very active blogger this year, and that I want to blog about all facets of my life as a new wife, student, and twentsomething. I began my blog as a way to track my domestic progression and keep up with friends and family from far away :] I am really excited to attempt to be a better blogger. Here's to a new year, and new beginnings!

Happy New Year!

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