Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So We Bought A House!

That's right, since I blogged last we bought a house! It's a fixer upper with lots of potential but we love it. Since signing our lives away and getting our keys we've been busy cleaning, unpacking and making our house a home one diy at a time. Our house sat empty for over a year before it went on the market, so we spent the majority of our first week deep cleaning and getting it move in ready. Here are a few pictures of our sweet little home :) It's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with both formals and a breakfast nook!

This is it!
This is our Kitchen excuse the finger and cell phone picture.

The breakfast nook.

Our formal living room, we use this as an office.
Our formal dining room, this will eventually be a formal dining room and craft room.

Part of the living room.
Our living room has high ceilings and a bar that opens to the kitchen

Our hall coat closet. Sorry this is so bad.
Our hall linen closet.
 J's room and the guest room basically look the same
J's closet and the guest closet both look like this
The kid's bathroom
Our bedroom
Our bedroom is off the living room
Our bathroom has a toilet room, stand alone shower, soaking tub and double vanity.
Our closet

  We have BIG plans and a budget for making our home our own. I am so excited to share our journey of home ownership and making a house a home with all of y'all!

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