Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little Man's Room Sneak Peek

  J spent the first several months of his life in our room, this worked great for nursing and was helpful with moving. We transitioned him into his own room and didn't decorate at all since we were moving. One of the first things we did when we moved into our house was J's room. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for his nursery, we aren't into overly baby nurseries so I knew that we would a room that would be adorable and grow with him. I decided on the theme little man, overly themed rooms aren't our style either but I knew we wanted chevron's and mustaches to be a part of his room. When we moved in everything was terribly painted, the previous owners bought 5 gallons of white paint and slapped it was a terrible hot mess. Anyway we basically started from scratch.
The empty before
      J has this little chair that we bought for him with his birthday money. We wanted to use the same colors for his room so we took the coordinating pillow to Home Depot and had them create a custom match for us.
Little man's favorite chair
     We ended up using Glidden paint, and I HATED it, I would not recommend it. We ended up using three colors for his room, the blue teal, white and a deep navy. We sanded the walls and then measured off where we would want the chevron to go. We marked it off around the room and got to painting. When I say we, I mean the Wilson's and me, Joel HATES painting. Since we knew that we were going to frame it off with molding and add crown molding I wasn't intense with the lines. It took two coats for the Glidden and the paint was not smooth or easy to work with like the Valspar that we used in the rest of the house.
Almost ready for the chevron
    Next, we used the laser level and chevron Frog Shape Tape to tape off the entire room in the white section. Then we painted over the tape with the blue Glidden paint that we bought. It was terrible, after TWO coats it still wasn't working, it was streaky and uneven no matter what we tried. So we went to Lowe's and discovered that Lowe's also color matches! This was AMAZING, we grabbed a quart of Valspar and ventured home. The Valspar painted wonderfully after just one coat we had beautiful navy walls. We removed the tape and it looked perfect!
Finally decent navy paint!
   For WEEKS J's room sat like this until Joel had time to frame it off. We also updated his light switches and outlets with bright white flat outlets.  Since we had so many other projects going on at the house we bought pre painted molding to frame the room off and pre painted crown molding.  My Dad and Joel framed the room out with molding while my parents were visiting. I was so glad to have it done and love that I can tell J that his Big Daddy helped on his room. We still need to put up the crown molding but the weather and Joel's traveling work schedule haven't made that a possibility yet.

  I also still need to decorate and paint J's dresser but this is just a sneak peek post of how we painted his nursery :) I am thrilled with how it turned out and cannot wait to finish it up!

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