Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life Happens

 I have spent the last month or two dealing with changes and the realities of life...not the most fun things. My father-in-law suffered from a stroke the first week in August,it wasn't his first, but it was the first since I've ever been with my husband, it was the first time that I was confronted with his age. I was reminded that each day is not guaranteed, that our children might never meet him, and that there is a great possibility that my husband could loose his father in his early 20's. My heart is broken, just thinking and processing all of these new realities. We now have a go bag packed so that we can leave at the drop of a hat to head to Texas, money put aside for emergency airfare. I never thought that I would be 21 and preparing for things this severe. When the time does come, how am I supposed to be there for my husband, how can I prepare for this? There simply is nothing that I can do to ease this, make his Dad younger healthier, or love longer. That is a hard truth that I have had to come to terms with. I know that none of us is guaranteed tomorrow, but there is just an awareness and realness that happens after someone you love has a stroke.  I have struggled with this for the past two months and am just now settling back into life. I have to trust God and his timing. Something that is so simple has been so hard for me. I have got to stop thinking of everything that could happen and enjoy each day.
 I said all of that to say that my normal blogging and crafting is in full force and I will be back up and running. You can expect to see lots of handmade gifts as I am gearing up for Christmas! I really look forward to getting back to blogging and hope that you guys enjoy reading what's to come as much as I enjoy writing and doing it!

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