Monday, January 24, 2011

Making your money work for you and your decor :)

I love to add things to our apartment. Not a month passes when something doesn't change at our apartment. Updating decor and adding small touches are something that I do constantly, but without breaking the bank. Some of my favorite things in our apartment cost less than $10.00 to do.
I picked up all of these vases at various local thrift stores for around .20-.50 cents a piece. When I got them they were all different colors, some where white, green and some where clear. I picked up some navy spray paint and went to town on my vases. They all vary in size but my favorite thing is the different textures that they have.  They sit on top of our bookshelf and not only add interest but pick up the navy tones in our rug.
Finished Product :)
I deiced that I wanted to add something to our room, I was thinking about doing something to our lampshades but couldn't decide what to do, so I decided to change up our headboard. This project was so simple and took about 30 minutes from start to finish, and cost me less than a dollar to do. Being a crafter I have some major crafter tools :) Joel just got me a new cricut expression for Christmas! But I used the silhouette for this (I don't have one but my mother does :)) I found a damask print that resembled our bedding, sized it appropriately, and cut the vinyl. The hardest part about this project was the application. Since it was an intricate design i used transfer paper, measured and centered it on my headboard and applied it. I was very pleased with how it turned out!

I also like to make things for other people. I made these for my sister, one of her best friends is getting married next weekend and she wanted something sentimental to include with their gift. I hope that they like it.  There's nothing that I love more than handmade gifts, it's so special to get something that someone created for you.

I'm currently planning a few projects, and really trying to think of a way to add some more sparkle and charm to our apartment. Any suggestions would be welcomed :) I'm also working on mastering the art of couponing ( I've already mastered it for home, now for food and household items)!

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Thank you! Oh you so should flowers are so easy to make out of any material.